Top Stories: Officials Feud Over Margaret McDermott Bridge Flaws | KERA News

Top Stories: Officials Feud Over Margaret McDermott Bridge Flaws

Jan 31, 2018

The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

The Margaret McDermott Bridge in Dallas was supposed to be open to pedestrians and bicyclists by now, but the Dallas Observer reports the arches over the Trinity River have been closed because of concerns that the bridge's suspension cables, which connect the arches to the base of the bridge, vibrate under heavy winds and cause anchor rods to break.

Bridge architect Santiago Calatrava blames the contractor for a lack of testing and using the wrong parts. State transportation officials blame Calatrava and the city of Dallas.

TxDOT's Response To The City of Dallas On The Margaret McDermott Bridge by KERANews on Scribd

Officials with TxDOT and the Trinity Watershed Management told the Dallas Morning News it was a minor issue, and the bridge is not a safety hazard.

In the letter to Dallas officials Tuesday, TxDOT said it will keep its contractor on site at the city's expense while they await a resolution.

City officials hope to open the bridge to pedestrians and cyclists in March.

Other stories this morning:

  • If 1.8 million people with DACA protections could apply for citizenship, could those fees pay for the border wall the Trump administration wants? Not exactly.
  • New research out of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas has found a way to restore some social functioning lost because of autism through a process called "neuromodulation."

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