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Three Things You Should Know About Type 2 Diabetes

Oct 21, 2013

Actor Tom Hanks recently revealed he has the most common form of diabetes – type 2.

Those with type 2 diabetes don’t properly use insulin, which is needed to absorb sugar and starches in the blood.

Hanks has attributed the disease to both lifestyle choices and genetics. In the latest installment of KERA’s Vital Signs, Dr. Saleemah Fahmi, an endocrinologist at Methodist Charlton Medical Center, explains how those factors impact the disease.

Three things about type 2 diabetes:

  • Diabetes has “skyrocketed over the past few decades,” Fahmi said. “There is a genetic preponderance to having diabetes. People with family history are going to be more likely to have diabetes. But a lot of that is lifestyle choices. It’s the way that they eat, the amount that they eat, the physical activity that they do or do not have.”
  • You can avoid type 2 – but you have to start early. “Some people want to ‘reverse’ diabetes,” Fahmi said. “But when you have diabetes, it’s a continuum. It’s years in the making. They can’t reverse it overnight. Sometimes, the pancreas is just so worn out it can’t resume adequate insulin production to keep the blood sugars normal.”
  • About 7 million Americans have undiagnosed diabetes. “For type 2, the symptoms can creep up.,” Fahmi said. “They’re used to being tired, they’re used to waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. They’re used to being hungry all the time.  The symptoms appear gradually. Until the symptoms get to be so drastic … a lot of times they just don’t present.  A lot of people go undiagnosed for years. Some go five years.”

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