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Third Sexual Assault In Lake Highlands

Mar 19, 2013

Police are investigating a third sexual assault in Northeast Dallas. The most recent took place only a few blocks away from the previous two other rapes in the Lake Highlands neighborhood. 

Police Chief David Brown expects to confirm this week that Fernando Munoz, who was arrested March 1st, is responsible for the first of the three rapes. But, that still leaves open the two more recent sexual assaults. 

Brown says the victims have two different descriptions for their attackers -- "the suspect on the march 15th offense is described as a Latin male in their twenties, 5’8,  rounded chubby face, clean shaven," Brown says, "while the suspect on the march 19th offense is described as light skinned and thin mustache, not clean shaven.”

Police say it is possible there is only one perpetrator and that the victims just described him differently, but police are not ruling anything out the possibility of multiple suspects. Brown says in the latest assault, which took place on Aldwick Drive, the victim was able to scratch the attacker. He is asking the public to call a tip line, 214-670-4415, with any information. 

"If you know a Latin male in his twenties, light skin, thin build, thin mustache who speaks English with a Spanish accent and wears a grey hoodie, that has a scratch today," Brown says, "That person is of interest to us. ”

There are extra patrol and bike officers in Lake Highlands, and Brown says there’s an operation to contact all registered sex offenders in Dallas who fit the above description.