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Tension Among Clinton And Sanders Backers In The Texas DNC Delegation

Jul 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton tonight accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for President after a long primary battle with Bernie Sanders. But some supporters of the Vermont Senator continue to struggle with the idea, including some in the Texas delegation to the Democratic National Convention.

Highlights from the interview with reporter Ryan Poppe, who has been covering the DNC for Texas Public Radio.

Rumblings of Texas supporters of Sanders: “It’s kind of been ebb and flow. Early in the week, lots of contention. Lots of yelling, fighting back and forth. Definitely about the emails. They’re upset about the process and the weight super delegates carry. Some of that has been victories for them. But seeing those victories, for some of the Sanders supporters in the Texas delegation is a little more difficult. They’re still grieving a loss. Some are emotional, some are angry.”

Efforts to unify Texas Delegation behind Hillary Clinton: “There’ve been a lot of hurt feelings, but there’ve also been attempts to bridge that gap. We had Bernie Sanders speak to the Texas Delegation. That went over really well. There was not a lot of chanting, except what causes Bernie has championed. We’re seeing more cheers with the cause, not necessarily the candidate anymore. They’re starting to accept Hillary Clinton is the nominee and that’s who we should vote for in November.”

Will Bernie Sanders’ movement continue in Texas: “The head of the Sanders campaign has announced they’re starting a national PAC, with operatives in Texas, that will work on the progressive ideas that Sanders has championed, whether it’s electing progressive lawmakers or fighting for certain forms of legislation that align with Bernie’s campaign.”