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Police: Arm Smart Devices With Tracker

May 23, 2012

The Dallas Police Department says a smartphone app could make stolen goods a lot easier to recover.

In response to several armed robberies on or near the Katy Trail earlier this month, DPD has recommended smartphone users download apps like 'Find My iPhone/iPad' or 'Lookout' for Android so officers can help track the devices more efficiently if they're stolen.

Katy Trail regulars like Amber, who identified herself by first name only and jogs several times a week, still have a lot of safety concerns about the area. But she has noticed more police presence on the trail.

"I think that safety is, especially with today’s events that have been going on in the past two or three weeks, are issues, but I can definitely see an improvement," Amber said. "I’ve seen a lot of police today just walking on the Katy trail and it’s the middle of the afternoon lunch rush. It makes me feel safe knowing that they’re out looking out for you."

Dominique Trevun Thornton was arrested earlier this week in connection with the Katy Trail robberies, but police believe that a second suspect has not yet been identified.


Find My iPhone

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Lookout for Android