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Perry Accuses Cruz Donors of Strategy For Demint

Jul 30, 2012

Governor Rick Perry joined former Senate candidates Craig James and past Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert at a phone bank to back Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. 

They prefer him to be the state’s next U.S. Senator, not former Solicitor General Ted Cruz.

The race is considered extremely close. Perry says that’s because outside organizations have poured millions of dollars into the Cruz campaign. Perry accused those groups of wanting South Carolina Senator Jim Demint to be the next Majority Whip, not Texas Senator John Cornyn.

"Perry;  I don’t think anybody knows David Dewhurst any better than I do. And when we talk about what’s going to be best for Texas, is a senator from South Carolina going to be better for Texas than John Cornyn?" he said.

The Cruz campaign’s James Bernsen denies the allegation and calls it a distraction from the important issue of picking the best candidate for the job.

Cruz made no official appearances Monday, spending campaign time on the phone.