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Need A COVID-19 Relationship Rescue? Tips For Couples Trying To Survive A Pandemic

May 26, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has presented some unique challenges for couples. Whether they are struggling with being apart or spending too much time together, Dr. Lyndsey Harper has tips to help strengthen intimate relationships during this unique time. 

Being separated from your partner can make finding ways to be intimate a challenge.

Harper is a certified OB-GYN and the founder of Meet Rosy - a Dallas-based app created to help women struggling with sexual dysfunction. She says intimacy is crucial for any relationship, especially during stressful times.

"We need that human touch foundationally to help our brains stay positive, to help our bodies stay connected,” Harper said. “You know, stress can definitely affect our ability or our willingness to explore that vulnerability, but we have to prioritize it just like we might with any other healthy habit."

Intimacy is more than just physical affection, though. When hugs and kisses are off the table, Harper said just being vulnerable in conversation can help strengthen connections.

For those having a tough time being around their partners 24/7, she said setting boundaries can help. Like establishing alone time to read, meditate or whatever helps you destress.

“We really need to focus on spending time with that person outside of our role as a house partner and as a parent,” Harper said. “You know, in a more intimate way."

So if you're looking for a pandemic project, Harper says building stronger relationships is something we can all do from the comfort of quarantine.