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Marshal: Wildfire Almost Contained

May 23, 2012

More than 750 acres burned so far in a fire that started just before noon near Pilot Point.

Denton County Chief Fire Marshal Jody Gonzalez said 15 different fire departments were brought in to fight the blaze, which kept mostly to an unincorporated area between Pilot Point and Celina.

"This fire quickly became very large because it's primarily a rural area, it's flatland, and with that, with these winds we received after the 12 o'clock hour today -- 35 mile an hour winds -- with all of that fuel and wind, its just really tough to get a handle on it," Gonzalez said. "We’re starting to get to about 80 percent containment on it."

Only four structures were affected and firefighters ultimately saved them, Gonzalez said. Dogs were safely evacuated from a kennel and two barns were lost in the fire.