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Judge Orders Friday Dallas School Board Meeting On Miles

Apr 28, 2015

Dallas County Judge Carl Ginsberg has ordered Dallas school board president Miguel Solis and the Dallas ISD  to schedule a meeting on Friday on the future of Superintendent Mike Miles.

Joyce Foreman is one of the three board members who sued and won. She says no board member is above board policy.    

“And  you had three trustees that did follow the policy by asking for the meeting and the Board President found he didn’t have to do it and so therefore he did everything he could to delay the meeting. In this case justice is served,” Foreman said.

In February, trustees Foreman, Elizabeth Jones, and Bernadette Nutall requested the meeting be held before the May 9 school board election. They followed rules to have the meeting posted within 60 days of their request. But Solis scheduled the meeting after the election, saying he had the power to do so. Attorney Jack Ternan represents the trustees who sued.

“Policy says the Board President shall call a meeting at the written request of three board members. There’s no discretion in the policy,” Ternan said.  

The judge ordered the school district to schedule the board meeting this Friday at 4 p.m.