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It’s Called Cowtown For A Reason: Fort Worth Was Named One Of The Best Burger Cities

Apr 19, 2016

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Where’s the beef? Fort Worth; Bloodbuy of Dallas won first place in an inaugural Harvard competition; a man in a monster truck rescues his neighbors from high water; and more.

Unsurprisingly, yet delightfully so, Fort Worth earned the No. 6 spot of 15 best burger-boasting cities in America. The beefy elite were determined by the 2015 Reader's Choice Awards from Condé Nast Traveler.

Although you may have a favorite, it’s hard to choose just one For Worthian burger joint to frequent exclusively. With Rodeo Goat, Dutch’s, Greasy Bend and Fred’s Texas Cafe all in one city, perhaps the main concern should be proximity when your appetite is fierce.


Stop by Rodeo Goat for trendier takes on the classic sandwich, like the Beef & Broccoli Burger, with a "house-ground beef patty topped with broccoli, onions, peppers and carrots and drizzled with soy caramel glaze," or the coveted chili cheese burger from Greasy Bend. If you want something more simple yet certified with decades of Cowtown loyalty, go to Dutch's near the TCU campus or Fred's Texas Cafe, which has been filling Fort Worth bellies since 1978, including that of a famous local musician.


Austin was the other Texas town to make the cut, at No. 9, and Oklahoma City, our next-door neighbor’s capital, took home the top prize. See the full list. [Condé Nast Traveler]


  • A documentary about the 1966 shooting at UT-Austin will screen tonight as a part of the Dallas International Film Festival. The film, “Tower,” revisits the day 50 years ago when Charles Whitman ascended the iconic tower on UT’s campus and opened fire, killing 14 and injuring more than 30 on the mall below. On Monday’s Think, host Krys Boyd talked with director, Keith Maitland, and Claire Wilson, who was struck by one of Whitman’s bullets. Listen to the interview. [Think]


TOWER SXSW World Premiere Trailer from keith maitland on Vimeo.

  • A Dallas-based tech company that connects hospitals to blood centers nationwide won the first Harvard Health Acceleration Challenge. Dallas Business Journal reported: “Bloodbuy emerged as the winner after a year-long selection process that involved 18 semifinalists and then 4 finalists who shared in a $150,000 prize.” Founder and CEO Christopher Godfrey started Bloodbuy to help hospitals access blood beyond the limited supply of regional blood centers. Read KERA’s Lauren Silverman story on the company. [Dallas Business Journal, KERA News]
  • Watch a monster truck cruise through the Brazos River to rescue a woman stranded on her second-story balcony. Cole Geeo of Parker County got behind the wheel of an 8-foot-tall monster truck to save his neighbors, including Deborah Wright, who climbed down a ladder into the truck and back to dry land. WFAA reported: “An adventurous day that comes with a warning for all those forced from their homes due to this flooding. The public information officer with Parker County Emergency Management says if you’re stuck, call 911. Do not have friends rescue you. Leave it to the professionals.” Read more on the area’s recent flooding. [WFAA]
  • Richardson loves alt-rock, and Irving get down with R&B. Carrollton’s into EDM and white noise, apparently. Spotify created playlists based on streaming data among eight Dallas neighborhoods. GuideLive reported: “The company looked at songs with at least 500 streams in a specific zip code in a recent two-week period, then compared each song's popularity against other areas nationwide.” But it’s up to you, whether you live in University Park or Perry Heights, to decide if the streaming-service could really deejay your neighborhood block party. Listen to the playlists. [GuideLive]