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Homeless Count Could Bring Funding To Tarrant County

Jan 25, 2013

Advocates in Tarrant County believe the homeless population may have decreased about two percent over the past two years.

Information they collected Thursday during the biennial count of homeless people could confirm that.

Some 550 volunteers canvassed alleys, vacant lots and parks asking homeless individuals a series of questions about employment, housing and healthcare.

Cindy Crain, Executive Director of the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition says the census is necessary to receive federal funding. 

“It sometimes takes two, three, four weeks to access services and the need for affordable housing. Supportive service is necessary so that person can sustain and maintain their self sufficiency and their housing,” said Crain.

She says the greatest need for the homeless is mental health care.

According to 2011 homeless count about 14 percent of the homeless in Tarrant County suffer with mental illness.