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Garcia, Veasey Will Debate In Runoff

Jul 10, 2012

Sparks flew in recent meetings between former Dallas State Representative Domingo Garcia and Fort Worth State House member Marc Veasey. Tonight, fireworks may flare again in KERA’s runoff debate between the two Democrats.

It’s more than 100 degrees under the blazing, West Dallas sun, where first-round leader Marc Veasey is knocking on doors. He did well here in May and says he needs his voters to return to the polls July 31st in order to win.

Veasey: How you doing. Mr. Williams? How you doing? I’m Marc Veasey.

Williams: Yes, I know you.

Veasey: I sure would appreciate your support in the upcoming runoff. Please remember to get out and vote again.

Williams: Oh I’m going to ..

Voter Hobert Williams says he intends to vote again because issues like healthcare and the economy matter.

Williams: Everything is important to me. All the stuff, Medicare, healthcare, all of that stuff is important. Jobs, yes jobs, cause I got some grand kids looking for some. All that is very important.

Veasey: I hear that a lot.

Veasey says his message is unchanged for the runoff. He fully backs President Obama’s comprehensive Health Care Law. The economy and jobs are also key. That’s why Veasey says he backs the products and people who work at some of the region’s biggest employers, from American Airlines and Lockheed Martin to General Motors.

Candidate Websites:  Domingo Garcia / Marc Veasey

Veasey: A lot of voters who live in the district work at GM or are GM retirees. Overall health of the company even after they retire is a big importance to them. Of course I continue to talk about the importance of jobs,.. about how important Lockheed is to Fort Worth. Particularly to the African American and Latino communities.

Marc Veasey’s opponent Domingo Garcia agrees these employers are vital. But Garcia says Lockheed’s F-35 fighter is not needed, and GM should not make gas guzzling SUV’s in Arlington. Some read his comments as anti-worker. Garcia disagrees.

Garcia: I want them to continue working there but that means building planes that military forces can use. And building and keeping jobs that stay there. Same with GM. We need GM workers to produce good American cars that can be bought and compete against Europe and the Japanese. But I’m not supporting management decisions.

Garcia says the biggest difference between him and his opponent? Veasey sides with special interest business donors while Garcia doesn’t. Garcia says he’s on the side of workers; Veasey’s on the side of management. Marc Veasey rejects that argument, but Garcia backers, including volunteer Brian McGovern, are loyal to the Dallas Democrat.

Brian McGovern: I just think Domingo has had more depth, I think he has been involved in political activity for a longer time than Marc Veasey and he’s more attractive because he’s had those positions. Marc Veasey – he’s from Fort Worth, Domingo’s from Dallas, I’m sure that was also part of my decision.

Garcia will need a lot more voters like McGovern if he’s to win the runoff. He trailed the first round by 12 percentage points, but hopes to awaken Hispanic voters in cities like Arlington and Grand Prairie for a winning advantage.

Veasey says he’s working hard to get his voters back to the polls for a runoff victory. A lots at stake. The Democratic victor is expected to beat the Republican, Green Party, and Independents in the fall for the Congressional seat.