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Garcia, Veasey Spar on Voting Records

Jul 10, 2012

The Democratic primary hopefuls in the new Congressional District 33 race traded political shots during Tuesday’s debate on KERA. 

Domingo Garcia, former Former State Representative from Dallas,  challenged the Democratic credentials of front-runner and Texas House member Marc Veasey.

"Mr. Veasey’s first vote as a State Representative was to elect Tom Craddick as Republican Speaker. I’m kind of shocked that you voted in Republican primary in 1996…The Texas Republican Leadership PAC gives you money. I don’t understand why Republicans like you so much and why you like Republicans  so much," Garcia said.

Representative Veasey wasted no time in responding. 

"Once again, Mr. Garcia is being dishonest like he has on many of his statements, and he knows this because he was in the legislature when he was trying to dethrone our last Democratic Speaker, Pete Laney. The vote for Speaker is one that’s just parliamentary. We didn’t have a Democrat that was running for speaker. Everybody voted for Mr. Craddick," Veasey said.

"Lon Burnham did," Garcia said. 

"Lon Burnham did, and you tried to defeat Lon Burnham, one of our leading environmentalists, you tried to defeat him last session," Veasey said.

You can hear the entire half hour debate between Marc Veasey and Domingo Garcia at 10 p.m. on KERA TV, Channel 13. It airs on KERA 90.1 Sunday at 5 p.m.  Or, watch below: