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Former Federal Prosecutor Says More Evidence Possible In Price Case

Jul 28, 2014

Corruption cases like the ones against John Wiley Price aren’t new. An attorney involved in an earlier case offers his insights.

Seventeen years ago, Dallas City Council member Paul Fielding went to jail. Two years after that, council member Al Lipscomb was tried. And four years ago, council member Don Hill was convicted.

Attorney Michael Uhl helped prosecute Lipscomb, then defended clients in the Hill case.

Uhl expects a Price corruption trial is months to a year or more away, as prosecutors share evidence with the defense attorneys who will then try to eliminate some of the most potentially damaging evidence.

Uhl expects more evidence may appear, even though the indictment’s already been unsealed. And he says although prosecutors have an overwhelming success rate in federal cases, a government win is never certain.

Michael Uhl was a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's office when Al Lipscomb was tried. Years later, he was a defense attorney for Brian Potashnik in the corruption case of Dallas City Council member Don Hill.
Credit Michael Uhl

Plea bargains are always possible. He’s curious about Kathy Nealy possibly talking to prosecutors this time, because she helped the federal case against Don Hill. In that case, she was not implicated in a crime.