Ex-Director Of Bush Institute Joins Republicans For Clinton, Says Trump 'Would Be A Disaster' | KERA News

Ex-Director Of Bush Institute Joins Republicans For Clinton, Says Trump 'Would Be A Disaster'

Aug 10, 2016

Three years ago, James Glassman was founding executive director of the institute at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas. Yesterday, he helped launch a group called R4C16, which stands for Republicans for Clinton in 2016. He tells KERA that's because his fellow Republican, Donald Trump, "would be a disaster" as president.

Interview highlights:

...On deciding to vote for Hillary Clinton:

"I spent almost a year and a half trying to create a pathway for an independent to run for president, and I think that the system is very much rigged in favor of one Democrat nominee and one Republican nominee. When that became clear to me a week ago, I decided that I would support Hillary Clinton for president as the only person who stands in the way between the United States and Donald Trump as president, which I think would I think would be a disaster. And certainly what he said yesterday - this kind of sneaky, snide remark about kind of an implication about somebody shooting Hilary Clinton. Even if it was a joke, that's not the kind of joke you tell as a serious presidential candidate." 

...On using the term "the system is rigged":

"I was a little hesitant to use it, but I think it's true as far as an independent is concerned. It is a binary choice, and ... I think Hillary Clinton would make a better president. This is an election, unfortunately probably for most Americans, a choice between the lesser of two evils."

...On prominent Republicans distancing themselves from Donald Trump:

"I think it's difficult for, especially an office-holder, to reject the nominee of their own party. I think we're going to see that as time goes on, but at this point I think it's very difficult to do."

...On the Bush family not endorsing Trump:

"It's unlikely, but I think what they've done is a very clear statement of distaste for Donald Trump, and I don't say that as a result of any conversation I've had with President [George W.] Bush or Jeb Bush. To not go to the convention, to not enthusiastically or even in a minor way support the nominee of the party, it's very clear what their position is."

...On what he would say to being called at traitor to the Republican party:

"I don't think that being a true blue Republican, which I am, and then voting for one person who's not a Republican is being a traitor at all. In fact, what our group is doing is we are supporting Senate candidates who are Republicans, House candidates who are Republicans. We actually would like to encourage Republican groups to withdraw any support for Donald Trump and instead put that money to work for Senate and House candidates because I think they are now in severe jeopardy as a result of Donald Trump. So I'm certainly not the traitor, if someone has betrayed the principles of the Republican party, it is Donald Trump who was never really a Republican to start with."