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In This Dallas School, A Safe Space For Homeless Kids

Jun 16, 2015

North Dallas High School has the most homeless students in the Dallas Independent School District -- one out of eight are without a home. Many see North Dallas High as a center of innovation, thanks to its homeless outreach efforts.

Homeless students are four times more likely to drop out, the National Coalition for the Homeless says. So, to try to change those odds, North Dallas High opened the Dallas school district’s first drop-in center three years ago.

One homeless student, Kymberly Jackson, visits the drop-in center regularly, and she says the people at the center have motivated and encouraged her to live positively.

"[There are] some people from church, so if I need to be prayed for, if I need to talk to someone about something, they're always there."

Learn more about North Dallas High's drop-in center and how similar facilities are being established at other schools in the final chapter of American Graduate: Homeless in High School.