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Continuing With Tradition (Sort Of), Austinite Fist-Bumps The President

Jul 15, 2014

The fist bump heard around the Twittersphere has quite the story and something of a legacy behind it.

President Obama made several stops in Texas last week; first to Dallas for a fundraiser and to discuss immigrant children on the border, then on to Austin to raise money ... and eat smoked meat.

It was at the legendary Franklin Barbecue that the President encountered Daniel Rugg Webb – an occasional cross-dresser and part-time Franklin employee.

Webb was not wearing his favorite sequined dress that day, but still wanted to get the president’s attention. According to the Austin Chronicle, as the commander-in-chief approached to place his order, Webb slapped the counter and said, “Equal rights for gay people!”

The president asked, “Are you gay?”

Webb replied, “Only when I have sex.”

By the way, Webb is also a stand-up comedian. He told the Chronicle that the President laughed and said, "Bump me." Then the fists came out.

Webb was carrying on a family tradition. He says his mother shook hands with John F. Kennedy in Fort Worth the morning he was assassinated.