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College Football Championship Fandoms Know How To Compete

Jan 12, 2015

Grey and Scarlet versus Yellow and Green. Midwest versus West Coast. Buckeyes versus Ducks.

Diehard fans of Ohio State and Oregon converged on North Texas for the College Football Championship game at AT&T stadium.

There are competing yells and fans vying for the title of best dressed. No simple sweatshirts for this crowd. We’re talking green and yellow feather boas and Buckeye covered fedoras.

The scene outside AT&T Stadium is one part pep rally, one part out of control tailgate.

And fans of both schools are thrilled to be a part of it.

“I mean this is the biggest game of our lives so we decided that we needed to come here and enjoy the biggest game of our lives,” says Ohio State senior Jared Champion. “We were able to get student tickets, so we decided to come down.”

A few steps away at a decidedly different tailgate, there’s a lot of love for Oregon.

“My whole family’s been ducks. My grandpa was a duck, my Dad was a duck, now I’m a duck,” says Ben Kraft, a senior at Oregon.

Ben Kraft took a redeye to Dallas to make the game; equally excited to watch his team and absorb the greatness of AT&T stadium.

“No I’ve never been to Jerry World! Very, very, very pumped,” says Kraft.

It’s pretty clear the clash of the fandoms in Arlington is a very tight contest.