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Burial, Memorial Service To Be Held Today For Ross Perot

2 minutes ago

Ross Perot's family will hold private burial and memorial services today for the iconic North Texas billionaire.

A graveside service, complete with military flyover, will be held in the morning. It will be followed by an invitation-only memorial service at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

The public can watch the 2 p.m. live stream at rossperot.com; it will be shown on-screen at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church on University Boulevard.

The public H. Ross Perot, who died July 9 at age age 89, ran twice for president, became a billionaire businessman, and gave millions of dollars to nonprofits. Those included hospitals, veterans, and arts organizations. He and his family were also supporters of KERA.

Perot also had a well-known private side, so in addition he donated money anonymously, wanting no publicity. He also protected his family, says longtime friend Kern Wildenthal, President Emeritus of UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“He was brilliant, tenacious, dedicated, really cared about other people, his family first and foremost, but many others as well," Wildenthal said. "He was impatient and wanted change quickly. But above all he wanted to do good for others and he did that through actions and through his philanthropy."

In honor of Perot’s commitment to the military and veterans, the U.S. Air Force will conduct an F-16 flyover and a missing man formation during the private graveside service.