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Big Tex Returns, With New Clothes And New Moves

Sep 19, 2014

The country’s “quirkiest landmark” is back. Big Tex made his annual reappearance today in Fair Park. The 55-foot cowboy sported a brand new navy shirt with red pockets and white stars, a flipped color palette from last year, and tailored boots and jeans.

That wasn’t the biggest change from last year, though. Big Tex now has some slick new animations to go along with his friendly wave and head turn.

For the first time, he'll have animated eyes, so no more staring contests with the cowboy. His eyes were closed at the reveal, but he'll wake up next Thursday, the day before the fair opens.

Also, Big Tex be able to move his hands and point, which is another first. A representative wouldn't say much more on the other movements. The public will have to wait until the Big guy wakes from his slumber.