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Atheist Banners In Fort Worth Will Stay Despite Complaints

Jul 5, 2019

City officials in Fort Worth have received a wave of complaints over a set of banners hanging in downtown.

The signs read "In NO God We Trust," and the group Metroplex Atheists are using the bright yellow banners to advertise their educational seminar later this month. 

City officials said the signs will stay put despite the complaints. Any nonprofit group looking to promote any public, free event can purchase banners for display, according to the city's policy and procedures. The banner program is a joint effort between the City of Fort Worth and Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.

The city released a statement saying that it can't dictate what goes on the banners, unless the message contains profanity, threats or inappropriate images. 

Officials said the Metroplex Atheists followed city rules and the event fits the criteria for what can be promoted. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price says she's appalled by the banners, but that freedom of speech must be protected.

The group's website says the event is part of an initiative to drop the country's official motto, "In God We Trust." The Metroplex Atheists will hold their event July 14 at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.