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Artist Spotlight: Denton Violinist Petra Kelly

Jul 25, 2016

Petra Kelly is not a singer-songwriter. She's not a band leader, she's not the vocalist out front. She's the fiddle player off to the side. But she's the epitome of a gigging musician. Kelly waits for the right moment to pitch in the tonal effects her violin can bring to a song -- lift it with ethereal wails or gun it forward, backing up the bass guitar's chopping rhythms.

So much for all the glamor and the spotlight. But ask Kelly about the groups and musicians she’s played with in concert or recorded with, and the conversation comes to a brief halt. "I have a list!" She starts digging out her smartphone. "I can't remember them all," she explains -- she keeps the list on her phone.

Petra Kelly is another working musician in Denton.

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