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For Abbott And Davis, It's Now About Getting Supporters To Vote

Oct 20, 2014

Two weeks of early voting begins Monday and the candidates for governor are working to get their supporters to the polls.

On Sunday, Democrat Wendy Davis joined volunteers in Dallas who knocked on doors and passed out information. Her campaign has teamed up with Democratic get-out-the vote groups including Battleground Texas and Annie’s List to take Davis’ message on education into neighborhoods.

Polls shows Davis behind in her battle to defeat Republican Greg Abbott.  Davis said Sunday skeptics should not underestimate her network of get-out-the vote volunteers.

“I put my faith in all of the people who have given their energies, their time, knocking on doors making phone calls, over 32,000 of them in this state," Davis said. "All driven by that singular purpose: education, education, education."

Over the weekend, Abbott launched a new TV ad that features former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.  It highlights his pledge to make Texas number one for women owned businesses.

Abbott begins a 25-city get-out-the vote effort today with a first stop in Nacogdoches.

Check your county elections office for early voting locations. Election Day is Nov. 4.