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Castro Emphasizes Immigration, Education In Frisco

Associated Press
Julian Castro waves at a town hall event in Arizona in June.

Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro says he wants to boost legal immigration in the U.S. -- and that immigrants play an important role in the country.

Castro spoke Monday in Frisco to the Frisco Democratic Club. He said that immigration is just one issue that he's working to address during his campaign.

"It's not just about one issue, all of these things are connected, they all go together," Castro said. "The ability of our children to get a good education, making sure that we do something about common sense gun reform, so that our children can learn in school better without having an anxiety in some places about what might happen."

Castro on the issues at hand

Castro also appeared in Fort Worth Monday evening. The Fort Worth event was hosted by United Fort Worth, a nonpartisan grassroots coalition that aims to get presidential candidates to meet marginalized groups where they are.

Group co-founder Daniel Garcia Rodriguez says he does not want people of color and young adults used simply for political votes.

"I think in order to get communities of color invested in voting, candidates, parties, groups have to invest in the community and go to them and say, 'Hey, I know you feel like this system isn't working for you,' but we're gonna make sure that we make this system be yours," Rodriguez said.