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For Now, No Need For Photo ID at the Polls

KC Ivey
Flickr Creative Commons

If you don’t have your voters’ certificate, or driver’s license, or a state-issued ID, you can still vote in the Texas primary runoff elections starting today.

Tarrant County Elections administrator Steve Rayborn reminds voters there’s a laundry list of ways to confirm identity at the polls.

"Student ID, military ID, even like a Sam’s card. There’s a utility bill, or mail issued from a governmental agency," he said.

And you do not have to have voted in the May primary elections to participate. One restriction: voters who cast ballots in the primaries have to stick to the same party’s runoff election.

Rayborn says he expects a low turnout, although local runoffs like the heated race between Domingo Garcia and Marc Veasey for Congressional District 33 may draw solid interest.

The last day of early voting is July 27. Election Day is July 31.  Visit to catch up.