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Heath Druzin

Heath Druzin is Boise State Public Radio’s Guns & America reporter, part of a national collaboration between 10 public radio stations examining all aspects of firearms in America.

He previously covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and veterans issues for Stars and Stripes newspaper. This is his second stint Idaho – he covered crime, wildfires and government for The Idaho Statesman from 2005-2008.

Most recently, Heath was living in Mongolia, where he improved his horsemanship, though not his throat singing.

Heath grew up in Northern California and when he’s not reporting, you can find him hiking, snowboarding and brewing beer.

The study tracked 26 million people, nearly 700,000 of whom became gun owners, for more than a decade.
Jason Gillman / Pixabay

Owning a handgun significantly increases one's risk of suicide, according to a study published Thursday that tracked new gun owners in California for more than a decade.

America has one of the highest rates of gun violence in the developed world. That and the steady drumbeat of mass shootings, has led many states to pass stricter firearms regulations in recent years. But gun rights groups in more conservative states, such as Idaho, are pushing legislatures to go in the opposite direction.

One of the groups is the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. On a recent March day, its president, Greg Pruett, was peering into his smartphone at the Idaho Capitol making yet another Facebook video.