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As Racist Attacks On Asian Americans Rise, One Houston Man Continues To Support His Community

A group of Asian American people wearing masks gathers for a protest against hate crimes. They wave signs, some reading "We Resist Persist Rise" and "We Deserve To Be Safe".
Kyodo via Reuters Connect
People protested last month in New York City against an increase in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans.

In cities with diverse populations, people of Asian descent say they continue to be encouraged to help their fellow Texans weather the health crisis.

Driven by discriminatory rhetoric related to the origin of COVID-19, Asian communities across Texas and the country have faced verbal and physical attacks since the pandemic started a year ago.

But in Houston, with its diverse population, people of Asian descent, like Deqing Yang, say they continue to be embraced and encouraged to help their fellow Texans weather the health crisis.

The Texas Tribune provided this story.

Alana Rocha joined the Tribune staff as the multimedia reporter after working eight years in television and radio news. She's covered politics for stations in Florida, Kansas and most recently in Austin as YNN's lead political reporter. Her work at the cable news outlet took her around the country reporting from the presidential campaign trail. A native of Tampa, Florida, Alana received bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Florida.