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North Texas Grocery Stores Are Mostly Open, But What You'll Find In Them Is Limited

Empty meat cases at Dallas Kroger.
Gabrielle Jones
Due to power outages during this week's winter storms, the Kroger in Dallas' Oak Lawn neighborhood was only selling nonperishable items Wednesday.

Big grocery chains, like Walmart, Albertsons, Kroger and HEB’s Central Market, are still restocking. However, some perishable items and high demand products might be limited.

The week-long freeze across North Texas is almost over, but if you need groceries, you may encounter some limitations.

April Martin with Kroger said a dozen items the chain sells have restrictions. They include bread, water, propane, eggs and frozen pizza.

Central Market is also imposing limits on certain high demand items. Mabrie Jackson, who works with the grocer, said shoppers should get creative.

"You might have to make some adjustments to your menu. You might have to try something you’ve never tried before," Jackson said. "But whatever’s on the shelf in front of you this might a good time to try a new product."

Many stores lost electricity and endured floods from burst pipes. Martin said Kroger and others grocers hope lawmakers will list them as vital before the next emergency.

"Being a grocery retailer and a part of community and literally provider of food and many essential items," Martin said, "we do consider ourselves as very much part of the essential business community that should be elevated as a priority."

Most stores have returned to normal business hours, or nearly so.

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