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Snow Day: Winter Storm Warning, Weather Advisory In Effect In North Texas

Map from National Weather Service showing areas of North Texas under Winter Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory Jan. 10, 2021
National Weather Service

Snow started falling Sunday afternoon in North Texas and is expected to continue until Monday morning.

Most of Dallas-Fort Worth is under a Winter Weather Advisory with 1-2 inches of snow expected. People can expect slushy and slick roads into Monday morning, so the National Weather service is advising caution as people travel. Isolated snow totals of 2- 4 inches are possible in the area.

Though snowfall has been relative light in North Texas, there was record snowfall in Waco.

"I think the previous record was 1.3 inches set back in the early '70s, and they topped out at 4.3 [inches]," National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Bishop told KERA news Sunday afternoon. "they're still getting some light to moderate snow down there, so there they will have broken their record by quite a bit."

Accumulation was much larger further to the west and in Central Texas. These areas are under a Winter Storm Warning. Meteorologists said some of these counties could see up to 8 inches of snow, and a few have already.

"I think that there'll be several spots that top out around 8 [inches] or slightly above that as we get some some lingering light snow this evening," Bishop said. "But once the snow finally moves out overnight, I do think we'll see sub freezing temperatures across a good portion of the area."

Bishop says he expects things to clear up and dry out tomorrow, but it may take a day or two to warm up.

"I think we'll have clouds hanging around which will keep this cold during the day tomorrow. And then by afternoon, I think they'll start to scatter out and will dry up. We'll see dry conditions the next few days," Bishop said. "The only thing that we might see is colder than expected temperatures where the heavier snow occurred. With snowpack, that can keep it really cold at night and during the day."

KERA's Bill Zeeble contributed to this report.

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