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Texas Governor Steps In To Help Reduce Violent Crime In Dallas

Photo of Dallas Police in riot gear in front of Black Lives Matter protesters during President Trump's visit to North Dallas on June 11, 2020.
Keren Carrión
Dallas Police suit up in riot gear in front of Black Lives Matter protesters during President Trump's visit to North Dallas on June 11, 2020.

At the governor's request, the Texas Department of Public Safety is sending resources, including special agents, state troopers, other personnel, and some helicopters and planes.

After a deadly weekend and an increase in violent crime in the City of Dallas, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stepped in and asked the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to provide resources to the police department in their efforts to reduce crime in the city.

His efforts come at the request of the Dallas Police Department (DPD). This year, there have been 220 homicides, which is more than there were in all of 2019.

"The rise in violent crime in the city of Dallas is unacceptable, and the Texas Department of Public Safety will assist the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to protect the community and reduce this surge in crime," said Governor Abbott in statement to the city.

"Every Texan deserves to feel safe in their own community, and the State of Texas will continue to provide the city of Dallas with the resources they need to crack down on this heinous activity and protect Dallas residents."

A number of resources are on the way, including DPS special agents, state troopers, investigative operations, a team of intelligence analysts, two helicopters and two patrol planes.

“What has been described to me as a quote-unquote hands-off approach to policing is going to stop. We need a more significant presence in hot spots in our city where crime is frankly out of control,” Johnson said during the conference on Wednesday.

DPD announced earlier this week it's boosting patrol efforts as well and asked the FBI for some assistance.

Johnson working with his team to provide more information about crime to the public on the city's website. At the press conference, he vowed to do his part by providing an analysis of information showing if his Task Force on Safe Communities is meeting their goals.

“I am grateful for the Governor’s willingness to assist Dallas as we combat the unacceptable increases in violent crime in our city,” said Johnson in a statement.

“As I said today, this ongoing situation requires an all-hands-on-deck response, and I will continue to push for strategies and partnerships that will reduce crime in our neighborhoods. The people of Dallas deserve our unwavering commitment to their safety.”

Got a tip? Alejandra Martinez is a Report For America corps member and writes about the economic impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities for KERA News. Email Alejandra at You can follow Alejandra on Twitter @_martinez_ale.

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Alejandra Martinez is a reporter for KERA and The Texas Newsroom through Report for America (RFA). She's covering the impact of COVID-19 on underserved communities and the city of Dallas.