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Texas Protests: A Look At Who Took Part, Why They Did, And What It All Means

Protests took place across North Texas over the weekend in response to police killings of George Floyd and other black Americans nationwide.

Following the protests, cities have issued curfews. Dallas' curfew continues again Monday night at 7. It covers downtown, and surrounding neighborhoods. Fort Worth's curfew goes into effect at 8 p.m. -- and it's for the entire city. And in Denton, a curfew is in place for the downtown area at 9 p.m.

More rallies were in the works Monday night in Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as in Frisco and Denton.

The Dallas Police Department is investigating whether its officers were involved Sunday in incidents in which two people were hospitalized. The incidents happened on Main Street in downtown. People with information are asked to contact the department’s internal affairs division.

Prayer vigil: This weekend's protests started peacefully -- but some resulted in vandalism, arrests and the use of tear gas by police. The governor declared a disaster for Texas. Sunday also saw local pastors hold a prayer vigil in Dallas.

Dallas police chief on protests: Chief Renee Hall is defending her department's use of tear gas during the weekend protests. Hall spoke with David Brown, host of public radio's Texas Standard.

The voices of protesters: While some violent disputes broke out between police and demonstrators across Texas, a majority participated peacefully. Public radio reporters spoke with protesters across the state about why they chose to attend.

Protesters' message: Continuous television coverage of this weekend's protests ensured that demonstrators were seen. It's an open question, however, if their message was heard. Peniel Joseph is the founding director for the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the University of Texas at Austin. And as he told Think host Krys Boyd, this wave of anger and demonstration is not only nothing new -- we are still not listening to the core messages.