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Domestic Violence Reports On The Rise In Dallas

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The Dallas Police Department is seeing an increase in cases of domestic violence.

In February, Dallas police received about 900 reports of domestic violence. In April, that number had jumped to over 1,200, according to the department.

In a video by Dallas PD, Lt. Pollyanna Ashford of the department's domestic violence unit says there are a number of reasons for the spike.

"There are some who're of the opinion that it's because of the shelter-in-place order brought on by COVID-19," she said. "Others seem to think it's because of the decline in the economy."

She said regardless of the reason for the increase, none are justifiable.

Ashford offered suggestions for those who may experience domestic violence, like keeping a spare set of car and house keys handy.

"Have a packed bag ready with important papers such as a driver's license, passport and birth certificate, and keep it in an undisclosed but accessible place in order to leave quickly," she said.

The most important thing to remember: call 911 if you're in danger.

Additional Resources

  • Brighter Tomorrows: (972)262-8383
  • Genesis Shelter: (214)942-2998
  • Mosaic Family Services: (214)843-4434
  • New Beginnings: (972)276-0057
  • Salvation Army: (214)424-7408
  • The Family Place: (214)941-1991

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