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Demonstration Responds To Recent Hate Speech In Denton

More than 100 people attended the anti-hate demonstration near the Denton County Courthouse.

An alleged assault — followed by a anti-Semetic slur — on a Denton bar manager and then a white nationalist demonstration riled up the city of Denton this week.

So much so that Catherine Giles, an insurance agent, took it upon herself to spring into action. After seeing what happened on YouTube, she organized "Hate Has No Home in Denton County" on Facebook.

Then Tuesday night, more than 100 people attended the demonstration. She said it's important to be active in responding to hate. 

"If we choose not to do that by our silence, omission or apathy, we in fact are encouraging hate," Giles said. 

Denton City Council members Deb Armintor and Paul Meltzer also spoke at Tuesday's demonstration. 

In an interview with KERA News, Meltzer said the incidents do "rattle" when someone who really wants confrontation shows up. 

"I think it's also important that people know where to channel their energies because it can feel kind of helpless," Meltzer said. 

Denton police said they've assigned an investigator to the bar incident. 

Anthony Cave reports gun culture as part of a new national reporting collaborative called Guns & America.