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Flooded Dallas Love Field Parking Spots Closed 'Indefinitely'

Associated Press
Dallas Love Field Airport still has around 12,000 total parking spaces, despite those spaces affected by the flooding.

The city of Dallas says the parking spots that flooded during last month's heavy rains at the city-owned airport are closed "indefinitely."

The lower levels of Love Field's Parking Garage A flooded overnight April 23, swamping cars. 

Chris Perry, a spokesman with Love Field, said the airport began working to find the root of the problem immediately after the flooding.

"Corrective measures were taken to clear an obstruction in the system and future work is being discussed to improve the capacity of an outflow area," Perry said.

It cost the city more than $3,000 to remove the water from Parking Garage A.

And, despite the closure, which affects about 100 or so parking spaces, Love Field has around 12,000 total parking spots between all three garages. 

"With plenty of parking throughout the airport, there's really no reason for those to be open," he said. 

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