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American Airlines Suspends Flights To Venezuela

Alan Diaz
Associated Press
In this photo taken Wednesday, June 25, 2014, a passenger holds his Venezuelan passport as he prepares to travel to Venezuela at Miami International Airport in Miami.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is stopping flights to Venezuela because of safety concerns after the pilots’ union told its members to refuse to work the flights.

American was the last major U.S. carrier to fly to the troubled country. It flew daily to Caracas and Maracaibo from Miami. 

The airline said Friday it temporarily stopped the flights and won’t operate to countries it doesn’t consider safe. 

Late Thursday night, the president of the Allied Pilots Association directed pilots to refuse Venezuela assignments. Daniel Carey noted that the State Department warns about crime and detention of American citizens. 

The U.S. pulled its last diplomats out of the country Thursday.

Other U.S. and many foreign carriers have stopped flying to Venezuela as the country’s economic and political situation has deteriorated in recent years.