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After A Winter Blast, North Texas Will Warm Up Again

Ruben Hernandez walks on a sleet-covered sidewalk in Dallas in 2015.
Associated Press
Ruben Hernandez walks on a sleet-covered sidewalk in Dallas in 2015.

After a winter weather advisory Friday that includes sleet and maybe even snow, North Texas is in for a cold, dreary and possibly wet weekend.

Friday afternoon and p.m.

The Friday sleet will manifest slightly differently depending on where you live, according to the National Weather Service: The northern half of the region might get a mix of sleet and snow, and the southern half might see a mix of sleet and rain.

Either way, sleet accumulations are expected to reach up to a quarter of an inch, so work commutes Friday evening could be slippery, especially on elevated roads or bridges.

The winter weather adviory lasts until 3 a.m. Saturday.

The weekend

After a cold Saturday morning, expect the rest of the day to be cloudy, with temperatures between the upper 30s and low 40s. The day should be dry, but the National Weather Service predicts a slight chance of some light rain in the afternoon.

Those rain chances will start to increase Saturday night before widespread light rain hits Sunday. Sunday won't be quite as cold: Expect mid 40s and low 50s.

The week

Monday and Tuesday might bring some light rain, with the best chances east of the Interstate 35 corridor.

Then, a little winter relief the rest of the week: Dry with highs between the mid 50s tando mid 60s through Thursday.

Friday? Mid to upper 70s, of course.

Welcome to Texas.