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Gun-Control Groups Want To Block Publication Of Gun Designs For 3D Printing

A 3D-printed firearm using FLM and SLA processes.

A coalition of gun-control groups has filed an appeal in federal court seeking to block a recent Trump administration ruling that will allow the publication of blueprints to build a 3D-printed firearm.

The firearms are made of polymer that can't be flagged by metal detectors. They're also untraceable because the guns are homemade and don't have serial numbers.

The State Department ruled in late June that directions for building the weapons could be published. The decision resolved a long-lingering dispute with Cody Wilson. He owns a Texas-based company that specializes in "open source" firearm designs that can be made with a 3D printer.

On Thursday, gun-control groups asked a federal court for a temporary injunction to block the State Department decision from taking effect.

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AP's Lisa Marie Pane reported this story.