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Top Stories: As Flu Activity Flourishes, More Deaths In Dallas County

U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.
When the influenza virus enters the human body, the viruses attach to cells within the nasal passages and throat.

The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

Dallas County Health and Human Services has confirmed nine people have died of the flu this season so far in the county.

According to Walgreens, which keeps track of where people are buying anti-virals that treat the flu, Texas has the most flu activity in the country.

Edward Dominguez is an Infectious Disease Specialist at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He explains why the state might be seeing so many flu cases.

"It's been cold here [in Texas], but not cold enough for people to remain in their homes,” Edward Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, said. “The flu is spread most efficiently, not really by breathing and coughing and sneezing, although that's obviously very important. It's spread most efficiently by touch, by contact."

During milder Texas winters, people tend to still frequent busy places like the mall and church. Older adults, individuals with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, and young children are more vulnerable to the flu.

Other stories this morning:

  • T.C. Broadnax is wrapping up his first year as Dallas city manager. Heading into year two, Broadnax faces a new set of issues.  

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Former KERA staffer Krystina Martinez was an assistant producer. She produced local content for Morning Edition and She also produced The Friday Conversation, a weekly series of conversations with North Texas newsmakers. Krystina was also the backup newscaster for the Texas Standard.