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Top Stories: North Texans React To Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion Restrictions


The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News: Following the Supreme Court's decision to strike down Texas' strict abortion rules, Republican reaction across the state was swift and visceral. 

Governor Greg Abbott argued the decision erodes the state’s authority to protect the health of women, while Democrat Wendy Davis hailed the justices. 

A pair of North Texan women on opposite sides of the decision dealt with an emotional day. 

When Wendy Davis was a state senator from Fort Worth, she stood in pink sneakers for more than 11 hours to filibuster the Texas abortion restrictions. Eventually, those rules passed – only to be overturned Monday by the Supreme Court. Davis told KERA’s said that this Supreme Court ruling made that grueling night three years ago worth it. 

And, while Wendy Davis was filibustering three years ago in Austin, Nicole Stewart was five months pregnant in Dallas. Facing a life-or-death decision.

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