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Top Stories: Why Extra Security Might Not Be Enough At Soft Targets; Tesla Vying For Slice Of Texas


The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News: The Orlando nightclub shooting has prompted businesses across the country and in North Texas to boost security. A national security expert says ramping up security in everyday spots may not be the most effective solution. 

The electric car company Tesla is novel in many ways. ​The company lets consumers purchase vehicles directly without having to go through a dealership. In Texas, state law prohibits car companies from selling directly to consumers. Now, ​Tesla's trying to change that.

Other stories this afternoon:

  • When a tragedy plays out during the school year, most kids get information and context from their teachers and have plenty of opportunities to discuss things with classmates. At a West Dallas camp called “Readers 2 Leaders,” instructor Lisa Marshall says if kids bring up the shootings, she’ll talk with them individually about their concerns. 

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