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Top Stories: Controversial Texas Board Of Education Candidate Mary Lou Brunner Isn't Backing Down

The top local stories this morning from KERA News: Campaigns for the Texas Board of Education seldom make news, especially in the 31 rural and small-town counties east of Dallas that make up District 9. Mary Lou Bruner has changed all that.

The 69-year-old retired teacher from Mineola made national headlines with her Facebook posts. Bruner called President Barack Obama a homosexual who prostituted himself to pay for a drug habit. She declared Islam a cult religion, and labeled climate change a Marxist hoax.

This month Bruner easily led the Republican primary field, and she faces a runoff in May. KERA’s Christopher Connelly tracked her down for one of the few interviews she’s given.

Other stories this afternoon:

  • A family trying to recover from the Christmas weekend tornadoes got some startling news on Tuesday.  Lindsay Diaz owns a duplex in Rowlett. Diaz had just applied for a builders permit to repair her home, and later that day, it was demolished by mistake.

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