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From The Newsroom: Making It Easier To Start A Business; Poor Students And College


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: Tonya Couch is out of the Tarrant County Jail after posting bond. A judge dropped it from $1 million to $75,000 on Monday. 

Couch must wear an electronic ankle monitor and remain at a family member’s home, except for appointments with her doctor and lawyer.

It’s a dreary statistic, but it’s true. Most new small businesses fail within two years. The secret to success? Not just working hard, but understanding how to manage money.

As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away project, looking at life on the financial edge, take a glance into a workshop in southern Dallas that helps startups proceed with caution.

A report out this week suggests a different kind of affirmative action for colleges in Texas and across the country, one based on income.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation says the country’s top colleges should give admissions preference to low-income students because they make up only 3 percent of enrollment. The Foundation also reports that three-fourths of students who attend top schools come from the country’s wealthiest families. 

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