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From The Newsroom: Glimpse Inside Immigrant Camp; A Home For The Holidays


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: On Tuesday, several hundred immigrant kids from Central America are settling in to their temporary quarters at a church campground.

KERA’s Stella Chavez was one of the first reporters to get a look at the Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center.

Between budgeting for gifts and coordinating travel, holiday to-do lists can be long and winding. For folks climbing out of homelessness, those to-do lists are longer, scarier, and much tougher to check off.

One North Texas family says this year, their big gift is waking up Christmas morning in an apartment, instead of an extended stay hotel.

As KERA’s One Crisis Away at the Holidays series wraps up, the story of a family starting from scratch this season.

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