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From The Newsroom: The Battle Over Syrians Coming To Dallas; Secret Art Of Fraternal Orders

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The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: The continuing drama between the state of Texas, the Federal government and six Syrian refugees trying to settle in Dallas is picking up. Wednesday, the state sued, saying the International Rescue Committee was planning to settle the refugees Friday.

At one point, one in five American men belonged to a fraternal order, those secret societies like the Masons and the Odd Fellows. They still exist and for 20 years, gallery owner Bruce Lee Webb has been collecting their artwork and paraphernalia. His collection is the centerpiece of a new book he co-authored called “As Above, So Below.”

When you update your Facebook status or upload a photo to Instagram, it’s not just your followers you’re connecting with. Adam Levin, a cyber-security expert, told Krys Boyd that every time we post to social networks, we’re opening ourselves up to hackers.

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