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From The Newsroom: Taking On Black Friday Shopping; Putting Politics Up On The Big Stage


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: The clouds are gathering, and with a high of 75 degrees Wednesday, it certainly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving yet. Matt Bishop of the National Weather Service says that’ll change when arctic cold starts pouring into Texas Thursday evening. 

For a lot of folks, what comes after the turkey and the football is…shopping. KERA's Christopher Connelly stopped in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth to check how folks are planning for Black Friday.

Political satire often doesn’t age well. In a few years, what were hot topics – the Kenneth Starr Report, the hanging chad – fade from headlines and memories. That’s the danger facing Kitchen Dog Theater, which is presenting the regional premiere of the political satire ‘The Totalitarians.’

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