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From The Newsroom: Getting Cleared To Graduate; North Texas Brain Trauma Research


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: A new survey of the state’s 100 largest school districts,  found that an overwhelming majority of students who failed one or two end-of-year exams were allowed to graduate this past year.

The Texas Association of Business did the survey, and argues that the numbers show that students aren’t graduating ready for work or college. The Dallas school district bucked the statewide trend – it granted waivers for only one-of-every-six students who requested them.

Starting Friday, big changes are coming for the roads on either side of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Houston Street and Victory Avenue will become two-way streets.  

Doctors across the country will be trying out a new treatment for traumatic brain injury. UT Southwestern, the National Institutes of Health and other partners announced today that they’ll study a new drug that could help stop bleeding in the brain.

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