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From The Newsroom: Gearing Up For Election Day; WNBA Team Moves To North Texas


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: The Dallas Police Department believe serial robbers might be behind a rash of robberies on the Katy Trail in Uptown. Dallas police are increasing patrol units along the popular trail after five robberies were reported over the past five days. All of the victims were robbed at gunpoint.

We have a name for the WNBA team that’s coming to North Texas. The Dallas Wings are coming from Tulsa and they’ll start playing in Arlington next year.

Texans will vote tomorrow on seven proposed changes to the state’s constitution. KERA’s Christopher Connelly has a voter’s guide to the amendments.

And, Science writer and journalist Harriet A. Washington has been looking into effects that ailments like influenza might have on our mental well-being. She talked about recent research into schizophrenia in young adults and how it could be linked to a case of the flu during their mother’s first trimester of pregnancy.

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