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From The Newsroom: North Texas Will Get Wet This Weekend; The House Of Debate


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: After more than a month of bone-dry weather, here comes the rain. It started Thursday afternoon and will douse North Texas through Sunday morning.

Dallas got a brand new attraction on Thursday. It’s dedicated to debate, the high school and college competition for brainiacs. KERA takes a look at the complex called “The American Experiment” that’ll be dedicated tonight.  

And, reports that King Tut may have a long-entombed neighbor. That would be Queen Nefertiti, and an expert in Egyptian antiquities is headed to Dallas tomorrow to discuss the science behind the potential discovery. Zahi Hawass says that while he wasn’t involved in the search, he has his doubts about the find in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. 

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