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Getting Your 10,000 Steps A Day To Stay In Shape? This New Study Says Try For 5,000 More


It hasn’t been scientifically proven as beneficial, but that hasn’t stopped many from trying for the goal of 10,000 steps a day, which is touted as a way to stay in shape. However, a new study finds 15,000 steps might be better.  

Kim Hemmig is a physical therapist with Parkland Hospital System.

Interview Highlights: 

Why increase the goal from 10,000 steps daily to 15,000: “Our jobs nowadays compared to back even just 20 years ago are more sedentary. We’re not moving as much. So I think they’re trying to get people to move more and sit less.”

Is 15,000 steps a day realistic? "I don’t it's realistic to get there unless you’re training for a marathon. Just your average person who works, you’re not going to get that because most of your day you’re sitting down at a desk or not moving around as much.”

Kim's suggestions for getting in more steps:

  • They say to work out 25 to 30 minutes a day. That can be just walking – early morning, evening or your lunchtime.
  • Don’t sit down all day long. Get up and take a walk around the office. If you’re able to, go up and down the stairs a couple of times.
  • Park farther away in the parking lot.
  • Get up a little bit earlier in the morning and get a 20 minute walk in or if you like to jog. Jump starting that metabolism is good for you.
  • Take the stairs versus the elevator.
  • A lot of offices offer standing desks so you can sit and stand as you work.
  • Every 30 minutes, stand up for 10 minutes and then sit back down.
  • Instead of calling someone at work, you can walk over to their desk and get in a few extra steps.  

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