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Video: Watch The Successful Launch Of The SpaceX Rocket

A SpaceX rocket has launched 11 satellites into space.

A SpaceX rocket has launched 11 satellites into space – watch the launch in the videos below.

NPR reports:

It is without a doubt a spectacular moment for the space industry: Just months after the setback of a launch explosion, a SpaceX rocket managed to launch satellites into space, then tumble back to Earth, use rockets to stabilize itself and stick the landing on a small pad in Florida.

The Associated Press has more details:

SpaceX has achieved two milestones in one launch, roaring back into the orbital payload business, then landing its 15-story first stage booster back on Earth safely.

Elon Musk's private launch company sent a Falcon rocket soaring toward orbit Monday night with 11 small satellites, its first mission since an accident last summer.

The landing marked the first time an unmanned rocket returned to land vertically at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and represented a tremendous success for SpaceX. The company led by billionaire Elon Musk is striving for reusability to drive launch costs down and open up space to more people.

Musk also noted that the landing was not part of an exercise but actually deployed satellites.

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Visit SpaceX's website for more details on the launch.